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COVID-19 Update

Ottawa Tourism’s top priority is the health and safety of our community and our visitors. Consult our?Visit Ottawa safely page for the latest information.

Experience all of nada in one place

Discover the country’s best attractions, celebrations and flavours in Ottawa, nada’s pital!


Must-try lol fun virtual social events
Stay connected with friends, family or co-workers with fun and easy virtual experiences offered by innovators based in nada’s pital!
Ottawa virtual tours, exhibitions, activities and performances
Looking for fun ways to stay cultured and entertained at home or on the go? Access behind-the-scenes tours, exhibitions, activities and performances online.
Wonderful outdoor winter activities in Ottawa
Looking for fun things to do outside this winter by yourself, with friends or with loved-ones? Stay active by skating, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and more.

Upcoming events

Big Bang Festival
The National Art Centre brings back this fun musil adventure, this time online. Enjoy mini concerts, online radio, interactive parties, and…
BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival
The Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival is the World’s largest annual Ice Dragon Boat Festival that takes place on the Rideau nal Skateway.
The 2021 edition of Winterlude is being reinvented to allow you to celebrate nadian winter fun, as well as nada’s rich artistic and cultural…
Lights at Lansdowne
Enjoy a festive atmosphere at the outdoor plaza at Lansdowne in the vibrant Glebe neighbourhood this holiday season. Lights at Lansdowne presents a…
Hunt for Hearts
Exercise your mind and your body while solving riddles, answering trivia, and hunting through the city. This exciting new outdoor (and digital)…

Ottawa Insider Blog

Most Popular

Downhill skiing and snowboarding in the Ottawa area
Looking to hit the snowy slopes this winter? Find out where to go downhill skiing and snowboarding, no matter what skill level you are.
Best ice skating experiences in Ottawa
Planning to go skating outdoors with friends and family this winter? Find out the best sites within the city and in the countryside, skate rental options, amenities and more.

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